BIO - Vesna de Vinča

Vesna de Vinča is a TV journalist, writer, producer and moviemaker. She researches exclusive topics, personalities and organises high-profile events. De Vinča is the last journalist in the world to interview Nelson Mandela and published the book “Mandela- the last message”. Since 2004, she has been managing her own production company, and is also a permanent member of the jury of ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival in Paris.

As a public figure, Vesna is the owner and the President of Miss Serbia and Miss Montenegro organizations, under the licenses of Miss World and Miss Universe for over twenty years. She is dedicated to promoting the concept of educated women and provides more than 356 university scholarships for 4 years to young finalists of the pageant competitions.

Her beauty contestants are also offered modeling contracts for magazine and fashion projects.

All the models are part of the QCEGPro team and available for all types of artistic projects.